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Advertising Terminology

The purpose of this section is educating you about online advertising glossaries, online advertising basics, optimization tips and more. We will keep updating this section periodically, if you have any creative idea or feedback that related to this section please share it with us.

Ad Rank

It's the position of your keyword-targeted Ad within Ad unit. The higher quality your Ad have the higher position it will occupy, and this can be done through complicated ranking algorithm.

Ad Space

The space on a web page reserved for the displaying of advertisements. Typically at the top or bottom of a page or if a small advertisement in the right or left column. The most desirable ad space is above the fold.

Ad Unit

The way of classifying ad type. Ad units on the Internet include banners, buttons, micro buttons, pop ups, skyscrapers, text links, interstitials, superstitials, etc. Ad units are usually defined by the IAB as voluntary guidelines.

Ad Network

An advertising company that serves as a broker between the publisher of a web and the advertisers. Larger ad networks aggregate sites into general categories so that they can offer advertisers targeted buys. The majority of banner advertisements on the Internet are sold and served by ad networks.

Advertisement - Ad

A graphic that appears on a web page that is usually hyperlinked to an advertiser's web site. Maybe in a variety of formats including GIF, JPEG, Flash, HTML, Java, JavaScript & more.


The maximum amount of money that the advertiser is willing to pay each time a searcher clicks on the ad. Bid prices can vary widely depending on competition from other advertisers and keyword popularity.

Click Bot

A program generally used to artificially click on paid listings within the engines in order to artificially inflate click amounts.

Click Fraud

Clicks on a Pay-Per-Click advertisement, that are motivated by something other than a search for the advertised product or service. Click fraud may be the result of malicious or negative competitor/affiliate actions motivated by the desire to increase costs for a competing advertiser or to garner click-through costs for the collaborating affiliate. Also affects search engine results by diluting the quality of clicks.