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Simply no, this is against the terms set in the Affiliate Service Agreement.

Simply no, it is not allowed to do so, please email us via contact to close your account

Once you become active on Ad4Arabia Performance network, you will be able to browse through our knowledgebase, submit support tickets, and contact your affiliate manager via phone, and Affiliates can email us at contact

We have many automated monitoring in place to alert us to possible fraud. We have some automated measures to prevent fraud from happening as well. We also continuously monitor suspicious activities manually. All payments are reviewed to the tiny details, ...

Affiiliate Marketing a form of performance marketing, is a method for Merchants to increase their customer base while only paying those affiliates who are performing. Commissions are paid out on actions only, such as when a sale takes place, or a lead is ...

Ad4Arabia Performance is the only Affiliate Network in the Middle East based on Cost Per Lead & Cost Per Sale.

Affiliate managers are available from 9am to 6pm Dubai Time (GMT +4). Your affiliate manager is your one stop shop for finding the top converting programmes and addressing any of your concerns or questions. You can find your affiliate manager's contact.

Send us an email with the reasons and we will review your case.

Login & Password

You need to login, then go to account, then edit account, then change the email field, then click Submit for Approval. It will take few days before it takes effect, as it needs to go through an approval process.

You need to login, then go to account, then change password, then follow the necessary steps.

Go to the login page, click on forgot password, put your email or Affiliate ID, then click on Get password. Follow the remaining steps to recover your password.

You may be accessing the wrong URL. Kindly ensure if you registered using the Arabic form, that you use the Arabic login page. While if you registered using the English form, that you use the English login page. If it didn't work, please get in touch with...


In most cases, leads and sales are tracked in real time, but there can be up to a 5 minute delay for our server to refresh affiliate statistics. There are some programmes where a sale is only shown after merhcant validates.

Send your pixel to your affiliate manager by email and request the pixel to be added to either a specified programme or to be used as a master pixel for all programmes. Kindly note that some programmes may not support third party pixel tracking

Since each link redirects first to Ad4Arabia Performance servers and then to the Merchant's site, we are able to identify the affiliate who caused the action

We use cookies to track leads and sales through affiliate's. The cookies are only used to identify affiliate generated actions, and we do not collect any other information for any other purpose.

When a users clicks on an Affiliate link, we install a cookie on their device that is active for period predetermined by the Merchant, which ranges from as low as 1 day to a whole year, depending on the Merchant's preference

Researches indicates that nearly more than 90% of users have cookies enabled on their browser. In the event, that a user has cookies disabled on their browser, the user is not available for tracking, and actions will not be tracked

Third party pixel tracking allows you as an Affiliate to track conversions from your end, using your own tracking platform

There are a number of reasons why this could happen. These include, but are not limited to users visiting a programme's landing page through another affiliate link, users entering invalid data, users not fully completing the signup, users data not matchin...


You certainly need to check with your Affiliate Manager first, and if accepted, we will have to run the customized creative through the Merchant to seek approval


No, these are prohibited from joining. If you open an Affiliate account based on any of these types, your account will be terminated, all earnings will be forfeited and returned to the Merchant

A valid marketing method and correct contact information are the main requirements.

Not necessarily. If you intend to only focus on PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising through various means.  Make sure you state clearly that you are doing PPC in the description. Also, add as your website to be distinguished amongst...

No, but when you sign up with Ad4Arabia Performance you have to agree to our Affiliate Agreement.

Yes, but those are only allowed to certain programmes where indicated so.

To protect our merchants, we have certain requirments to approve Affiliates. Most importantly, is using a legitmate method for promoting our programmes. In addition, complete and authentic information upon signing up is very essential.

Filling the sign up form takes about 1 minute.

Ad4Arabia Performance services are free of charge for our affiliates.

It's free to join, various programmes to promote, and the only Arabic Affiliate network in the middle east, so the potential is huge in an untapped market

The main reasons for which we deny affiliate sign ups, are false information or information does not comply with our affiliate service agreement.

Please send us a screenshot of the problem (error) to our support e-mail and we will troubleshoot the matter to ensure sign up works for you.

Check your Junk / Spam Folder Ensure that your inbox is not full Ensure that you have entered the correct e-mail address upon registering To be on the safe side, we advise that you add the " " domain to your e-mail safe list


Yes, but you need to stick to the creative available and seek permission on the subject line and any changes to the content of the email or newsletter.

No, it's against the terms and conditions which govern an affiliate account for an affiliate to generate his/her own leads or get his/her friends to sign up for him/her.

Affiliates can purchase traffic from third party traffic sources. Each programme on Ad4Arabia Performance has specific rules as to whether a given traffic source is allowed or not

In the affiliate interface, click on the offers button in the main menu, then click on the programme which you intend to run, then click on the search button to find the creative you wish to use.

In the affiliate interface, click on the offers button in the main menu, then use the search box, to look up a certain programme.

We usually provide banners, text, and email in some cases. Each merchant uploads a variety of advertising material for affiliates to choose from. There are also more advanced material, but can be made available upon request, if the merchant accepts.

We impose no limits to the number of programmes you can run.

Contextual creatives are strictly used in two ways only:
1. To use them as pop-up based on content/context of a keyword
2. They can be used as a pop-up or pop-under on a site Those are not available publicly in the system and have to be asked from your affiliation

Each programme will clearly state what promotional methods are allowed.  If you have any questions about this or would like a certain programme to open to your promotion type, please contact your Affiliate Manager


You can access your account at anytime, 24 hours a day - 7 days a week, using the username and password that you selected when signing up for your account. The reporting is all web based, and user friendly for your convenience. You need to go to the Repor...

We try to provide as much details as possible within our reporting module, feel free to browse through it, if you wish further information, you are always welcome to ask your affiliate manager.


No, that is not possible at the current stage

No, at the current stage, we can't pay your commissions using any of the following methods

Unfortunately, at the mean time, there aren't any faster means, however we are looking into more payment options, which we hope to introduce in the near future

Go to Accounts, then go to the payment method option and change it to the one desired.

We have two payment options. The first is Cash Express, in case Cash Express isn't supported in your country, we can transfer via Western Union as an exception. The second option is Bank transfer.

Partial fraud doesn't equate to partial payment. No payment will be issued to a terminated account

We have two payment methods, whatever option you choose, we require the full information to be in your account details and must be in English.   -For Bank Transfer Beneficiary Name Bank Name Bank Account Number Bank Address IBAN number

We pay mid of each Month, so long it is a working day. Working days are Sunday to Thursday.

Once you reach the threshold, your commission will be available for request.

We issue payments via the two available methods on the 15th of each month. These payments are made to those affiliates who have reached the chosen threshold before the end of the previous month. For example, if an affiliate reaches the threshold by the en...

Getting Started

Please get in touch with the Affiliate Support Team via contact and they will give you the best advice along with recommendations.

After your registration as an Affiliate is approved, you can start promoting our programmes. Earning commission will be related to how well your traffic converts to Leads/Sales. We do not pay Affiliates based on Impressions or Clicks.


Custom landing page creative can be used to enable affiliates to redirect traffic to a specific page on merchant website. An affiliate can grab the URL from merchant website and use this in the custom landing creative.  You will be given our tracking...

Affiliates will need to be a bit familiar with HTML, so that you can simply copy & paste the linking code from the programme and place it within a web page, or within the body of an email message.


Ad4Arabia Performance is a Cost per Action (CPA) and Cost per Sale (CPS) network, only paying publishers for qualified actions generated as a result of their promotion. Therefore, we do not pay publishers for clicks and / or impressions.

Scrubbing is when a merchant doesn't pay for invalid or duplicate leads. For example, while an affiliate might have generated 100 leads for a programme, 5 were already in the merchant's database and 7 more contained wrong data. So out of those 100 leads, ...

It ranges from one programme to another. It also depends if it is a Lead generation programme or a sales based programme. In sales based programmes it also differs, sometimes it is fixed cost per sale and at time it is a percentage of the sale value.


Yes, Affiliates can refer other affiliates and receive a 5% bonus on their earnings for the first 6 months of their activity with the network. The potential referred affiliate must be new to Ad4Arabia Performance and not be another advertising network.

There is no limit, you can refer as many as possible.